Overview of Vendor Neutral Solution

A contract is negotiated with a resource provider who will act on behalf of the client as their supply chain manager and who will operate in a manner of total neutrality as to where the vacancies go. It is often a pre-requisite that the appointed vendor neutral supply chain manager will not be a provider of manpower themselves.

This model is most commonly used for clients with high volume needs across a wide range of disciplines and locations. Under this model, each supplier is given an equal opportunity to fill each order, and/or be selected for each order based on the same criteria.

Therefore the advantage of a vendor-neutral model is of its fairness with the best supplier with the best candidate filling each position within the timescale required by the client.

Again, The vendor-neutral solution delivers all the benefits of a traditional PSL by providing clients with a fully co-ordinated multi-vendor solution incorporating your favoured recruitment suppliers. Additionally the vendor neutral solution features the highest level of consistent user support and best in class VMS recruitment technology and dedicated client teams to deliver operational excellence in talent procurement. From vendor selection and vetting down to help desk support, the entire manpower talent acquisition process is managed efficiently and effectively.

By implementing a vendor neutral solution, the vendor neutral provider can work with the client to streamline the resourcing procedures, reduce costs and drive out inefficiencies. By harnessing the benefits of a collaboratively managed supply base the provider is also continually improving the quality of supply.

Key features include:

  • Fully managed solution with multi-vendor sourcing
  • Total supply chain management
  • On-site client support
  • Local or global delivery
  • Web-based procurement
  • Fully configurable management information for procurement and performance control
  • Standardised contract logistics and compliance

Example Fircroft client, EON Exploration & Production