Overview of Service Master Vendor Solution

A contract is negotiated with one supplier who will act as the master (otherwise known as the primary) vendor.

This model is most commonly used by our clients for high volume needs in a core discipline area (e.g. technical and engineering) and where the primary supplier is required to source the majority of the candidates from their own candidate pool/database. The master vendor (or the primary supplier) is then responsible for engaging with and being supported by a panel of compliant 2nd tier suppliers as required to ensure 100% client fulfilment. The master vendor will often use Vendor Management Software (VMS) to support the overall delivery and co-ordination of the partner suppliers.

By implementing a master vendor (primary vendor) solution, the master vendor can work with the client to streamline the resourcing procedures, reduce costs and drive out inefficiencies. By harnessing the benefits of a collaboratively managed supply base the master vendor is also continually improving the quality of supply.

Key features of the master (or primary) vendor supply model include:

  • Single-vendor solution
  • On or off site support delivery
  • Focus on requisition fulfilment
  • Local or global delivery
  • Direct contact with expert recruiters
  • Co-ordinated contractor mobility
  • Supply chain management of partner suppliers
  • Web-based and/or off-line procurement
  • Fully configurable management information for procurement control

In summary, a master vendor arrangement is similar to a preferred supplier arrangement in that the client will have the facility of a number of preferred suppliers but all the advantages (and more) of a sole supplier route in terms of a single point of contact and someone to co ordinate the delivery and account management process.


Example FGMS clients: ABB, Woodside, BP North Sea, Chevron North Sea, BP Toledo and Bentley Motors